Collection 004

Galaxy Swimmer

Under this pandemic age, which hardly possible to travel abroad as usual, This series started from the whimsical imagination about traveling to the glaxay. The brilliant color mixes of the planets and milkyway, which furnished by NASA, sparkle on the body. Also, the unexpected back prints of the astronaut and the spacecraft are witty and amusing details.

Starry Glitter

The 4th version of DELIGHTPOOL's signature STARRY GLITTER line. The alluring spakling glitter prints with the purple crystal hues, which fades in color from the twinkle purple to the shining mint glitter in the middle.

Delightpool Tartan

Classic tartan check patterns in green, in line with last season's DELIGHTPOOL tartan series - Red and Blue. Follwing the red and blue tartan, this classic green plaid is the perfect choice for upcoming holiday mood.

Punk Leopard

The deep and rich purple and brown leopard prints with the punk-inspired vibrant color gradation. The classic leopard motif turns into more sophisticated and modern way with this color gradation details.

Retro Flower Lily

DELIGHTPOOL's the first sustainable line, made with 100% recycled polyester, from the wastes of PET bottles. Capturing the 70's retro mood, the particularly bold floral prints in lris purple and moody brown give a femine and enchanting look by the poolside.

Retro Solid

Simple and sporty delightpool signature solid color swimsuit, accented with the retro-colored hues and the DELIGHTPOOL's symbol print.